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The Founding of KyteBABY

One of my daughters has chronic eczema. At night, she would pull open her pajamas to stay cool, which seemed to calm her from constant scratching. I started to research, looking for fabrics that would keep her skin cool, and also wouldn’t irritate her. Turns out, that fabric is bamboo.

Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic. I started putting bamboo clothing and swaddles on her. The softness & coolness of the fabric are unmatched by cotton, or anything else for that matter. She immediately stopped pulling off her clothes, and her sleep significantly improved. I also found out that bamboo is a highly sustainable resource. It requires much less time & water to grow bamboo compared to cotton, and it practically uses no pesticides. It fit every criteria I was looking for in a fabric. With that choice made, KyteBABY was born.

The name KyteBABY was chosen very purposefully. Playing on the whimsical activity of flying a kite, Kyte is meant to evoke a feeling of innocence, freedom, and a return to nature. All of these ideas carry over into our core business values as well. KyteBABY is testament to timeless fun and youth, while being natural and healthy.

Product Sourcing For KyteBABY

When we visited our family for a reunion in China, we told them about our business ideas. Aunt Ling, who owns a garment factory in a small town in Southern China, suggested that I start my own line of bamboo sleepwear, sourced in China. I never saw Aunt Ling much growing up, as she was always busy running her factory and would only return home during the New Year. Over the past 30 years, she worked her way up from a sewing girl to the owner of a factory that is certified to export clothing to top European lines. However, her factory was not getting enough work lately because of rising labor costs and tougher competition from other Asian countries. One of the biggest problems she faced was that she couldn’t afford to keep all the workers during off-peak seasons. These are the workers that she eats every meal with and sleeps in the same dorm building with. She asked, “Why don’t you design your own line of bamboo baby clothing, and I will manufacture them for you, during the factory’s down times?” She added, “Babies are born year-round, right?”

Then it all came together, and I was able to start a family-owned & operated company that went all the way to sourcing. I’d get to pursue my artist’s dream, and she gets to keep the factory afloat. Just like using bamboo fabric itself, filling the factory’s down time truly promotes the smart use of resources and sustainability. This way of thinking is evident in every aspect of KyteBABY.

KyteBABY Materials

Why We Choose Bamboo

Bamboo fibers create an incredibly soft fabric that is both gentle and cozy to the touch. The fabric is breathable, for comfort in any temperature, and absorbs & evaporates humidity better than any other fabric available.

Bamboo, technically a grass rather than a tree, is one of the most sustainable resources on earth, textile or otherwise. Growing up to a yard in a single day, it never requires replanting due to its vast, interconnected root network. Not only does it not require replanting, but it also doesn’t require tractors, fertilizers, or pesticides.

Following harvesting, it’s converted into fabric. This fabric, called rayon, is incredibly soft, statistically breathes better than cotton, and is hypoallergenic. This makes it perfect for babies, especially when considering overheating and sensitive skin.

The benefits of using bamboo begin with it being the most sustainable and versatile resource on the planet, as we’ve mentioned. It’s the fastest growing plant in the world, and quickly adapts to different climates. Not only is it earth-friendly, but it is also an environmentally intelligent choice because bamboo minimizes CO2 and generates 35% more oxygen than trees.

Bamboo is the best choice for your baby, and for the planet’s future.

KyteBABY Sleep Bag

Safer By Design

Sleep safety is a cornerstone of every design decision we make at KyteBABY. With topics like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and infant suffocation at the top of our mind, we work tirelessly to design new & beautiful products for your baby that keep them safe and secure, especially when sleeping.

Look at our Sleep Bags, for instance. The soft, cozy, and comfortable fabric is breathable, and is the safe alternative to crib blankets. Breathability of fabric is key to not overheating.

The key difference between a KyteBABY Sleep Bag and other similar products on the market are is zipper design. The curved zipper is much more comfortable for baby, and is easier to use for the parent. All of this means that you have a product that is remarkably safe for your baby to sleep in, and is also comfortable enough that your baby will actually sleep soundly in it. What purpose is a safe sleeping alternative that’s too uncomfortable for a baby to actually use?

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