Oli & Carol Natural Rubber Toys


Here's a brief summary of who we are, what we love, how we started our project and upcoming challenges on the next few years. 

Oli&Carol is a recent born company from Barcelona specialized in designing natural baby rubber toys for modern parents and their kids. The creative souls behind the brand are Olimpia and Carolina, 23 and 18 year old sisters who decided to start a business based in Barcelona two years ago. They love design and nature and wanted to create environmentally friendly products in a business where they could enjoy and have fun together. Oli&Carol toys are made out of 100% pure rubber from Hevea trees, all in one piece with no holes to let water come inside. As a result they are perfect for soothing gums, hygienic, safe to chew and biodegradable. They are used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more. Discover everything about our products in our Why Oli&Carol section. The collections offer a wide variety of natural latex toys with different shapes and colors perfect for babies: fruits, animals, chewable bracelets, geometric figures, origami boats, beetle cars, monochrome and spotty ducks, balls ... Original designs from the sixties and seventies come in cool monochrome bright colors and in soft natural tones. Find yours! 

Oli&Carol are in continuous innovation with their products and expansions, working in new collections with new shapes, textures and colors. They have assisted a great number of worldwide tradeshows with their distribuitors. They encourage people of their age to create their own company: "Make something easy and fun!" 



Oli & Carol is a fun, young, creative and happy brand specialized in designing cool natural toys for modern parents and their kids offering a wide variety of retro designs inspired from the 60s and 70s in pastel and monochrome colors. They are not only used as teethers, but also as bath toys, sensory play, decorative objects and more! We are constantly driven by the following 6 added values to ensure the uniqueness of our products.

Baby Toys 100% natural
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Made with 100% Natural Rubber from Hevea Trees. Flexible and soft, easy to grasp, squeezable and safe to chew. Little gums love the texture of Hevea rubber.

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Hand painted with food graded dyes. It's not a synthetic, plastic toy! It is completely safe for your baby to chew on our toys.

Baby Toys Handmade
Baby Toys Ecofriendly
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Biodegradable, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly.

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Non toxic. PVC, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine Free. Highly hygienic, mold free. There are no holes in any of our designs preventing the presence of bacteria and mold.

Baby Toys non toxic
Baby Toys Certified Quality
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Completely safe for kids. Certified eco-friendly and non-toxic toy by Bureau Veritas.

Baby Toys Socialy responsible

Social Responsibility : Every Oli&Carol toy you purchase is contributing to scholarization of indian kids. SEE MORE

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Oli & Carol Natural Rubber Teethers

$ 20.00