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Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and Underground Slimes! My name is Alexa Smith and I am a regular ol’ 13-year-old who loves to spend my spare time playing with slime. I became fascinated with slime after spending countless hours on YouTube and Instagram watching other kids make and play with slime. Before I knew it, I was constantly spending all of my hard-earned chore money purchasing supplies to make my own. My family owns a boutique in Marion so I asked my parents one day if I could sell some of my homemade slimes at our store. Little did I know, I would sell a couple hundred jars at my very first pop-up! I have been busy making and selling slime since that day!

I’m sure you may be wondering by now – WHAT IS SLIME? Mattel introduced “slime” in 1976! It is a slippery and {sometimes} sticky substance that kids have learned to love due to social media! There are so many different types of slime – clear, floam, butter, glossy, etc... I could go on and on! Ask any kid that comes in your store about slime and you will see their eyes light up! Most parents are in favor of slime because it keeps children and teens off of electronic devices. ? I have created over 50 slimes since launching my company. All of our slimes come scented and include something unique; such as, multi-colors, foam balls, glitter, sponges, foam chunks, charms, etc… If you are new to slime, you will soon learn how important these “extras” are to your SLIMERS!

I hope that you will consider bringing my products into your retail location. The cost for each 6 ounce container is $6 and will retail for whatever you decide • $11.99-$14.99! Minimum case page is 24 slimes!

Below is a brief description of our top selling slimes:

· Grandma’s Chocolate Cupcakes: This is a brown slime that looks just like chocolate cake batter. It has a rich fudge scent and comes with a chocolate charm and clay sprinkles.
· Cotton Candy Swirl: This is a pink and blue swirled slime that smells like blue cotton candy.
· Mermaid Waters: This is a purple clear-based slime with holographic confetti. It smells just like Froot Loops.
· Hawaiian Sunset: This is an ombre slime that includes sponges and glitter. It smells like Hawaiian Punch and mixes in to the prettiest shade of orange.
· Mint Chocolate Chip: This is a green slime that includes black foam chunks. It smells and looks just like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
· Dino Dirt: This is a dark green slime with grey and black foam chunks in it. It smells like oatmeal raisin cookies and sure to be a hit with your boy slimers.
· Raspberry Cream: This is a pink/red slime that comes with all sized foam beads. The raspberry scent is heavenly.
· Jelly Bean Ice Cream: This slime is aqua and comes packed full of jewels and a whole lot of jelly bean fragrance!
· Jar of Sunshine: This yellow slime is made with clay and contains gold holographic confetti. The mandarin scent will last forever. It makes us wish we were on the beach!

Please check out my Instagram & Facebook pages for pictures of my slimes - @undergroundslimes. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about our slimes. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

How to ACTIVATE slime... Alexa keeps her activator in a water bottle! 1/2 teaspoon of borax per cup of water!



Alexa Smith

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